• JNESO Convention 2014

Ebola Virus: (Updated: 10/21/14) Tightened Guidance for Infection Control for Healthcare Workers

CDC Website Ebola: Tightened Guidance for U.S. Healthcare Workers on Personal Protective Equipment

The (CDC) is tightening previous infection control guidance for healthcare workers caring for patients with Ebola, to ensure there is no ambiguity.  The guidance focuses on specific personal protective equipment (PPE) health care workers should use and offers detailed step by step instructions for how to put the equipment on and take it off safely. 
Recent experience from safely treating patients with Ebola at Emory University Hospital, Nebraska Medical Center and National Institutes of Health Clinical Center are reflected in the guidance.

Guaranteed Safe Staffing Ratios and Scheduled Shifts

JNESO nurses at Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark became the first in the state to ratify a contract that guarantees safe staffing ratios and prohibits shift cancelations. Both of these provisions are essential to patient safety and maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of care.
The agreed to staff ratio will be a minimum of one nurse for every five patients on a unit. By contrast, there are certain medical units in the state where one nurse is responsible for nine patients – a proportion that is deemed unsafe for patients and by medical professionals alike. Achieving a contract that provides for safe staffing ratios speaks to the professionalism and dedication of the union nurses at Saint Michaels.